But it feels like you’ve reached a standstill.


No matter what you do, some issues remain—and new ones keep coming up.


You can’t seem to shake that self-sabotaging habit. The same fears and doubts regularly return.


You still doubt yourself at times (or continuously feel like an imposter).


You often wonder if you’re doing enough; if you’re good enough; if you’re worthy to receive what you desire or if you’re doing the right things.


How can you break through those sticky issues?


Is it even possible to leave them behind you for good?

Or will there always be a new problem to solve, a new barrier to break through?


Isn’t that just the way life (and business) is?

Are you ready for lasting freedom, flow and ease?

Apply to work with me here (no strings, no costs!)

About Brigitte

I’m a writer and master coach for women entrepreneurs, guiding you to true and lasting freedom, flow and ease by shifting into the higher consciousness of your True Self.


In 2003 I started my coaching business, and since then I’ve helped thousands of women make their dreams real.

My clients published their first books, doubled their incomes, launched global businesses, and realized their most important dreams and desires.

I published my first book in 2008 and published 6 more books between July 2020 and May 2022.


Being a lifelong seeker of true and lasting freedom, I didn’t rest until I finally found it.

Shifting into higher consciousness and dropping ever more conditioning brought me the freedom, ease and flow I always wanted. I can help you do the same.

“What I’ve transformed and achieved in just 3 short weeks of working with Brigitte is amazing!

I’ve let go of a survival pattern that impacted me for most of my life. I never expected this pattern to show up—and I certainly didn’t expect to be able to release it! I tried to get rid of it before, but never succeeded. And now it’s gone!

The coaching has been lifechanging for me. Everything is different, and I’m deeply grateful.

I can’t describe how gifted Brigitte is. Her intuition is laser-sharp, and she knows exactly what you need to create deep and lasting transformation.

Working with Brigitte is magical and sublime!”

Marieke Kamerbeek, mariekekamerbeek . nl

It felt scary to invest so much in myself at first, but it was worth it immediately. Our first session gave me so many insights to uplevel my business instantly!

I grew so much, without struggle, by becoming more and more true to myself.

I have the courage to ask higher prices that feel right for me. I gained so much self-confidence. Brigitte helped me lift my business to a whole new level.

Working with her is uplifting. I felt like she had my back the entire time we worked together. I could ask her anything and she was always there for me.

If you feel that it’s right for you to work with her I only have one thing to say to you: Go for it!”

Simone Brockhuis, feelyourmind.nl

“It’s truly wonderful to work with Brigitte. She’s loving, wise, honest, and completely tuned in to my truth and my soul.

She sees my full potential and brilliance, and helps me expand into that all the time.

The coaching is deeply transformational and life-changing, and worth every cent of my investment – and more!

It’s truly priceless.”

Petra Jungblut, jungblutcreatie.nl

“I am living a completely different life now. And it keeps growing and evolving.

Brigitte has helped me step into a new reality of magnificent and endless possibility, love and beauty.”

Lyerka Miller

“Brigitte is 100% committed to helping you be the best you can be, on your own terms, in a way that’s best for you. 

If you are truly committed to make changes in your business, you should go to Brigitte too.

It makes a world of difference in your business and life.

Else Boutkan, elseboutkan.nl

“When my program attracted hundreds of new clients, I was forced to bring on another coach to help… I prayed to find a coach masterful enough for me to trust with my tribe. Then I thought of Brigitte… and she said YES! (Thank God!) 

My people had HUGE breakthroughs with her guidance. The best miracle was that they loved her as much as me! (Maybe even more.) She’s brilliant, intuitive, straight-forward, incredibly supportive and detailed. It was the best decision I ever made!”

Jeanna Gabellini,