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For women entrepreneurs who want to build a thriving, soulful business based on their purpose & who they truly are.

You want your business to be an expression of you.

You want to make money doing the things you love, the things that matter and are meaningful to you. 

And you want to make a difference AND good money doing that.

But that’s not quite what your business looks (or feels) like right now.

Here’s what I often see in the women I’ve coached over the past 15+ years:  

  • You love what you do, but financially, it’s a struggle. Your business is surviving or doing OK, but to say that you’re thriving....nope.  
  • Your business is successful BUT...are you REALLY doing the work you love, the work that makes your heart & soul sing? You doubt it. (And you’re not even sure what that work looks like exactly...)  
  • In working so hard to grow your business, you somehow, along the way, lost touch with yourself. With your soul. With who you truly are. (You know who you are, of course. But you’re not exactly sure what it is that brings you that deep feeling of meaning & fufillment. OR not every area of your business & life are a reflection of that yet.)  

You know what you want to change or create in your business or life.

But somehow, you keep running into the same invisible walls that keep you struggling or stuck.  

It would be FANTASTIC if you could make good money (and a difference) as a result of being completely true to who you are & doing the work you most love:  

Your soul-work. The work that excites you and makes you feel alive.  

The work that feels meaningful, and that deeply fulfills you.

But you’re not sure if that’s possible at all. 

Or if it’s possible for YOU.  

(Or if, of course, you already know exactly what your soul-work and purpose look like.)

The good news is: it IS possible. In general, AND for you! What you need to build a thriving, soulful business, is EXACTLY what you have 24/7 access to already: Your soul. Because what it takes to make money AND a difference doing what you love, is to know who you truly are, at the level of your soul.  

To know what your unique gift is - your Divine Gift: the gift that’s part of who you are, of the essence of you.  

And to fully express your gift & who you are in every area of your business & life.

This means you have to deeply understand who you truly are, and what your unique Divine Gift is.  

That’s not something everyone is crystal clear on yet.  

And even if you know yourself quite well already, you might still be missing some crucial information about your soul’s blueprint or Divine Gift.  

OR about the obstacles & blocks that are currently preventing you from expressing your soul & &ift fully in your business and life.  

Clarity on all this is exactly what I offer you in a Soul Blueprint Reading, Clearing & Realignment!

I got great results from being coached by Brigitte very quickly after we started working together: I doubled my income within a month. And I gained so much confidence that I really can get where I want to be as a result of being fully aligned with who I am and what I want!” 

Maartje Koper, Money Mindset & Law of Attraction coach, and 

I recently read & cleared my own Soul Blueprint, too.  

And even though I already KNOW myself and my purpose through and through, AND I’m already very aware of my obstacles & blocks (and know how to deal with those in numerous different ways), I was amazed at what this reading revealed for me!  

It helped me deepen my awareness of who I truly am, of my Divine Gift, and on what does and does NOT work for me.  

I made some changes in my business and life based on this deeper awareness, and I’m starting to see new results of that already (within only 2 weeks after doing my own reading...!).  

I FEEL better, more powerful, and more free.  

Not only do I understand much deeper why I struggle with certain things (AND cleared those invisible blocks), I’ve ALSO let go of things I didn’t even KNOW I could get rid of!  

You know how sometimes you think certain feelings or issues are apparently part of life, or at least a part of YOU?  

And it doesn’t even occur to you that maybe, this is something you can change and let go of?  


I stumbled upon a couple of those things for myself – and it already feels much lighter to be rid of them! 

Other people I did a Soul Blueprint Reading, Clearing & Realignment for, got similar great experiences and results from it as well.  

And it’s now available for YOU, too!  

In your Soul Blueprint Reading, I access information about your soul in the Akashic Records.  

(This is like an energetic database that contains all information about your soul, from the moment of your soul’s origination until now.)

This reading, clearing & realigning of your soul’s record brings you:

woman in field of flowers

A clear insight in who you truly are and were always meant to be, at the level of your soul;  

You learn what your Divine Gift is (the gift that’s part of who you are, of the essence of you – the gift that must be expressed in your business & life for you to be able to thrive); 


You learn what your blocks & restrictions are that stand in the way of fully being true to who you really are, and tapping into your gift fully & freely;

A complete clearing of these blocks & restrictions;

woman meditating
woman thinking

Your personal homework & action steps that helps you anchor this clearing into your daily life – AND helps you create more of what you want!

This powerful work opens the door for you to be true to who you really are, in every area of your life – and to create more abundance, joy, and a thriving business, too!

It gives you a deeper understanding of who you are and what’s a natural fit for your soul, and what YOU need to feel happy, fulfilled AND allow your business to thrive.  

It gives you a boost of energy and clarity, and opens up a space for you to BE and DO differently, in full alignment with your soul.

And experience a new reality with new (and better) results in your business and life.

Of course, it’s up to YOU to take new actions and make new decisions, but in my experience, that is A LOT easier when:  

A) Your blocks are cleared,  


B ) You have a deeper insight in what makes your soul & gift sing, and what your soul needs to thrive.

“The reading very accurately described the essence of who I am, and how I can express myself more.  

What struck me most were the insights I received on some deep-rooted issues that are currently at play in my life.  

These insights help me on a very practical level: whenever I run into these issues, I instantly recognize what’s going on – and I can consciously decide how to best deal with it. 

This Soul Blueprint Reading was a wonderful and very practical gift you gave me. Thank you!” 


Here’s how it works when you book your reading with me: 

1. Within minutes after your purchase is completed, you receive an email from me requesting the information I need to prepare your reading;  

2. When I receive this information, I’ll send you a link to schedule your 75-minute phone session;  

3. During our session, we go over your soul blueprint (who you truly are at the level of your soul), your Divine Gift, and the blocks & obstacles that currently stand in the way of fully expressing your soul & gift into your business & life;  

4. At the end of our session, your blocks & restrictions are cleared, and, VERY important:  

5. We look at the specific & practical actions you can take to create more of what you want in your business & life. 

(I help you come up with the exact actions that will bring YOU the best & lasting results. No cookie-cutter bullshit, but your completely personal actions that are FULLY aligned with your soul! You don’t have to worry about not being able to come up with actions that are a perfect fit for you. I help you with that. It’s something I’m damn good at :-)

After your session, I send you your personal homework PLUS the MP3 recording of our entire 75-minute call.  

So there’s no need to take frantic notes or worry you’ll forget any of the information you receive.  

You can download the recording of our session, and simply listen to it whenever you feel like hearing it again.  

(TIP: Listen to it again one year from now. You’ll pick up on different aspects of your reading then. And you can use that to express your soul & gift even more fully. There’s always a next level to step into and new experiences and results to manifest!)

Yes, Brigitte, I want all this! Sign me up for this reading!

Option one (best deal): 

Pay in full at €797,= (approximately $947 US dollars)

21% VAT for those in The Netherlands not included. Prices in dollars may vary, depending on the current exchange rate.  

Rest assured: this payment is safe and easy because it is processed through secured servers. 

Option two: 

Pay in 3 easy monthly payments of €285, = each (approximately $338 US dollars)

21% VAT for those in The Netherlands not included. Prices in dollars may vary, depending on the current exchange rate.  

Rest assured: this payment is safe and easy because it is processed through secured servers. 

Within minutes after your purchase is completed, you receive an email from me requesting the information I need to prepare your reading. And we’ll get the ball rolling from there! Have any questions before you’re ready to book your reading? Just shoot me an email at team [at], and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.  

“Brigitte has a real & rare talent to get to the core of your issues super fast. She just KNOWS what’s important to focus on and bring to light – including things that are hidden deep under the surface, and you’re not even consciously aware of yourself yet. If you’re looking for an exceptional coach who helps you grow your soul-based business, in 100% alignment with your calling, personality, and your own way of doing things: go to Brigitte!" 

Karin Bosveld, Spiritual teacher & life coach, author,

About Brigitte van Tuijl  

I’m a purpose & breakthrough master, teaching you how to fully express your soul and be completely true to yourself in every area of your business & life.  

I work with women entrepreneurs and help you release the invisible cage you feel trapped in - so you're free to do business & life YOUR way, without compromising, sacrificing or changing who you are.  

I have over 14 years experience as an entrepreneur, and well over 16 years experience as a (business) coach.  

I'm a thorougly trained master coach; a Reiki Master; an Accelerated Change Template Coach (in 2011 I was the first coach in The Netherlands who worked with this process to change your subconscious beliefs); a Soul Realignment practitioner (reading & clearing of your Akashic Records, the energetic database of your soul); and overall, I'm highly intuitive & a powerful energy worker.  

Plus: I'm a published author of the Dutch book "Ontdek Wat Je Echt Wilt - En Maak Daar (Je) Werk Van.  

Currently working on my upcoming book series:  

 "The Art of Divine Selfishness - how to transform your life, your business & the world by putting yourself first."  

And finally: I LOVE people - in moderation ;-)  

That's why I limit appointments to an ABSOLUTE maximum of 4 per week.  

Having loads of alone time keeps me happy and prevents me from turning into a raging alcoholic lunatic ;-) 

“Brigitte is not just a coach, she is not even just a very good coach… She is an awesome coach who has the unparalleled quality of creating breakthrough after breakthrough.

I don’t know any other coach who can do that so fast and hitting the mark every single time.”

Lianne Ebbinkhuijsen, Mentor to experts that wish to build an inspired big business,

Legal Disclaimer 

Every effort has been made to accurately represent this reading and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.  

The more you put into this reading in terms of doing all homework, implementing the action steps, AND continue to make the decisions & take the actions based on who you TRULY are, the more you will get out of it.