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Do you love setting an income goal and calculating how many sales you must make to meet that goal ('doing the numbers')?

And then turning these numbers into a business/marketing plan?

If you love that, you easily stick to your plan AND it gets you the results you want:


You found the perfect way to manifest the business of your dreams.

But if plans, goals and calculating your required number of sales do NOT work for you?

And you:

Either create a business plan anyway, because that's what you're supposed to do, right?

(The only problem is that you never stick to your plan and feel guilty about that)


You don't create a plan and just wing it (and feel guilty and weird about that- is this really OK? And wouldn't your results be better if you just made a solid plan?

I can put your mind at ease:

  • You don't need a business or marketing plan
  • You don't need to calculate how many sales you should make
  • And if goals don't excite you? You don't have to set those, either

There IS another way of growing your business. 

A way that's perfect for YOU.

That makes you feel good.

And gets you even better results!

I know this from EXPERIENCE. Because I've been where you ARE.  

Over the years, several business coaches walked me through creating a business plan.

Some coaches told me to create a plan based on the number of sales I should make.

Others taught me a looser model with more room for intuition and inspiration.

But it was still a plan.

For a whole year.

And I never, EVER, stuck to it.

It felt restrictive and unnatural.

And it didn’t make me happy.

I tried to find a way to work with a plan that felt good.

Because my coaches told me you can’t grow your business without at least SOME kind of plan.

And since they made more money than I did, I believed them.

They obviously knew better, right?

Until I finally realized it was POINTLESS to make a plan if I never stuck to it anyway. 

I gave myself permission to ditch making plans completely.  

It felt weird at first, and it scared me a bit, too.  

Could I REALLY get the same (or better!) results now?  

Turned out, the answer was yes :-)  

At first, I still set goals: 

for the year, per month, and per week.  

But that started feeling restrictive.  

So I stopped doing that, too.  

Since I let go of making plans and setting goals, I feel much better about my business. 

I continued to grow my business. (With way more joy and less effort!!)  

I teach my own clients how they can grow their business based on their intuition and soul.  

And now YOU can learn EXACTLY how this works, too, in this online workshop:  

Here’s what we’ll cover and you’ll learn:  

How exactly I grow my business without making plans or even setting goals: 

  • What it is I do instead; 
  • And how that breaks down to my daily activities and actions.  

 And how YOU can do this in your own personal, unique way, too:    

  • How you know what to do or when to do it;  
  • How you know what your next best action is;  
  • How you can grow your business organically, from intuition and soul;  
  • How you know if it’s your soul speaking or your fear;  
  • Super practical questions that help you determine your best actions and decisions; 

(You can use those questions for everything from a specific marketing action to getting clear on the details of your new offer to what program you will launch next to how you can best market that program – etc. etc.);

  • How to tap into your intuition and soul;  
  • How to apply that to your business;  
  • And whatever else comes through to make sure you get what you need to do business in YOUR way, tailored to YOUR personality and soul, without doing things you hate or changing who you are. 

“I was looking for someone to help me throw out all rules and conventions, so I could find my OWN way of doing business. Brigitte helped me with that. She showed me how to use my intuition, helped me find my own path, and how to follow it. I am very clear on what I want and how I want to work.  

As a result I work with much more ease, I’m doing what I love, and I have accomplished my dream of experiencing freedom in my business and life.” Suzanne Meijles,  

“Brigitte’s program taught me to trust myself and my guidance. I am more present than ever before. I’m more focused. More aware. And I experience joy. Deep joy. I love Brigitte’s authenticity, great sense of humor, how everything is permeated by an “all is well” attitude, and yet somehow it isn’t wishy washy. It’s very deep.  

Brigitte is a very powerful and intuitive healer, and always encourages you to be true to yourself and become more aware of who you really are.” Lyerka Miller

“Brigitte’s program helped my scared, logical mind build its faith and trust in my Soul and Intuition. I now know I can trust my Soul and Intuition, and I see how they help me to soar to new heights beyond my wildest dreams. They can guide me better than anyone/anything outside of myself! I learned how to receive guidance from within myself. And I’m better at letting go of what I think should happen and how things should be. Brigitte helped me bring my Spirit, Essence and full Self to my business.  

This program is well worth every ounce of energy that you put into it!” Renee Ostertag,

This is what you get:

  • ⭐️ An audio of this 2-hour online workshop.
  • ⭐️ A PDF handout with notes & highlights from the workshop.


A powerful audio healing 'Release 2020 & Open Up to an Amazing 2021'

This audio healing helps you release the turbulent energies & experiences of 2020 and energetically makes space for an amazing 2021 to come through for you.

All you have to do is relax and listen, and this healing automatically clears out the old and makes space for the new!

Come join me when you:

⭐️ are DONE making plans you don't stick to;

⭐️ are DONE feeling guilty about not making plans; not sticking to them, and/or not achieving your goals (and about the way you do business in general);

⭐️ are DONE wondering if there's something wrong with you because you can't seem to get great results doing business the way others do it;

⭐️ are READY to break free from the stifling business rules, shoulds and molds you feel trapped in;

⭐️ are READY to finally be completely true to yourself & your soul in how you run & grow your business;

⭐️ are READY for an amazing new year for your business, and

⭐️ are READY to allow that to unfold for you in ways that feel natural and 100% perfect for YOU.

“I love how Brigitte shows up with her trademark humour and insights that make for profound AHA’s, a healthy dose of realism (no BS here!) and inspiration to live life and do business on your own terms.”  

Mel Brodie,

YES, Brigitte! I am IN! I want to grow my business from my SOUL in my very own way!

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Yes, I want all this and I am IN!

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"Working with Brigitte helped me reconnect to everything that really matters to me. I feel inspired and in the flow again. I learned how to do business in MY own way, the Else-way. Brigitte has been a great coach and role model for me. She’s deeply driven to make a difference, but never at her own expense. She models how to take care of clients AND herself like no one I know.  

And she’s is 100% committed to helping you be the best you can be, on your own terms, in a way that’s best for you."  

Else Boutkan, elseboutkan . nl  

About Brigitte van Tuijl  

I’m a writer and master transformational coach for women entrepreneurs. I show you how to make a big difference in the world without selling yourself short or changing who you are.

In the past two decades I’ve helped thousands of women get clear on their true dream and make it real. My clients have launched businesses globally, published their first books, doubled their incomes, and realized their most important goals and desires.  

I'm a thoroughly trained master transformational coach; highly intuitive & a powerful energy worker.  

I published my first book Ontdek wat je echt wilt en maak daar je werk van in 2008. In 2020 I published my second book Unmute Your Life and my third book The Gap.

In 2021 I'll publish my next 4 books (I already wrote 3 of them!)

And finally: I LOVE people - in moderation ;-)  

That's why I limit appointments to an ABSOLUTE maximum of 4 per week.  

Having loads of alone time keeps me happy and prevents me from turning into a raging lunatic ;-)