For mission-driven women entrepreneurs who want to get their money shit sorted. Permanently.

This program is for you if you: 

  • Struggle to make ends meet; 
  • Have money one moment and lose it again the next, so you never feel financially safe and secure; 
  • Can’t seem to break through a certain income plateau, no matter how hard you try; 
  • Work waaaayyyyy to hard for the amount of money you make; 
  • Constantly worry, stress and freak out over money and financial decisions. 

Whatever your issue with money is: it’s draining. 

Nothing costs more energy than worry and stress. 

It crushes your creativity, confidence and self-esteem. 

(Not to mention the sleepless nights and the sinking feeling you have when you even think about anything having to do with money.) 

It simply sucks. BIG time. 

I know. 

I’ve struggled with money for a loooong time: 

I had to take a job because I didn’t make enough money in my business. 

I had to borrow money several times, been in debt, constantly worried about money, woke up sweating in the middle of the night and couldn’t make ends meet more times than I care to remember. 

It was highly distressing and depressing. 

It took away my joy and made me feel bad about my business and myself. 

Until I decided that enough was enough. 

I was DONE with that nagging feeling of financial stress that was ALWAYS in the back of my mind, flaring up numerous times a day (and even nights). 

So I decided to change it, fix it, and deal with it forever. No matter what it took. 

I read dozens of books on money, abundance, and manifesting. 

I hired a coach and participated in numerous programs on money. 

I learned A LOT. 

And implemented and experimented with everything I learned. 

As a result, I completely turned my financial situation around: 

I NEVER worry about money anymore. I feel relaxed and at peace. 

I save more money and keep increasing my income. 

I feel confident I’ll always have more than enough. 

And I feel safe and secure about my financial situation. 

I want YOU to experience that, too. 

And the good news is that you CAN! 

I examined exactly HOW I managed to vastly improve my financial situation. 

And condensed that into 5 powerful lessons that I first taught as part of my previous program Success On Your Terms. 

My clients loved the money lessons – and got great results from them as well! 

That’s why I decided to turn those lessons into this brand new Money Mindset Shift program. 

And when you implement what you learn in this program, YOU can vastly improve your financial situation and make peace with money, too!

“These money lessons helped me clear my money blocks and regain my focus. Money is no longer an enemy and an energy drain. 

I now see it as a tool that helps me fulfill my mission. I’m also crystal clear on the steps I have to take to do that AND significantly grow my income. Something I no longer fear and actually look forward to now! 

Things flow again as a result of doing all these money mindset exercises. I love it!” 

Else Boutkan,

Money Mindset Shift helps liberate you from ANY stress, struggle or strain you have when it comes to the topic money. 

Because NO amount of action will lead to lasting results if you’re internally conflicted, stressed or blocked around money. 

That’s why Money Mindset Shift focuses on the inside FIRST. 

The lessons help you heal your money patterns, stories and beliefs (which automatically means you heal inner issues that also hinder you in other areas of your business and life!).

It helps you transform your relationship with money, so money can work FOR you instead of against you. 

You’ll learn exactly what YOUR core cause of your financial challenge is, and I show you exactly how to create YOUR personal solution to solve it. 

This program dives in DEEP and helps you turn what you learn into practical actions & habits, so you can create REAL and LASTING change. 

As a result you feel happier, lighter, and more fulfilled. 

You experience more inner peace, freedom and joy. 

You feel safe and secure about money. 

You’re free to make more money WITHOUT struggling, suffering or working your ass off. 

So you have the means to create the business and life of your dreams. 

You CAN solve your money issues – not just temporary, but for good. 

You CAN break through your financial ceiling – every time you encounter a new ceiling. 

You CAN go from broke to being financially abundant.

You CAN go from feeling anxious about money to feeling safe and secure about it. 

You CAN achieve whatever money goal YOU set for yourself. 

No matter what your financial challenge is: You CAN turn it around. 

And it starts with the steps I teach you in this program

“As a result of working with Brigitte I became more visible and grew my list. 

And I made the same amount of money in three months as I did in the entire last year!” 

Alexandra Hilbers, Intuitive Business Coach,

“As a result of Brigitte’s coaching, I’m now able to charge prices I never dreamed of asking. Which feels great!” 

Florien van Basten Batenburg,

Here’s what you’ll learn in Money Mindset Shift:

Lesson 1 – Complete Clarity On Your Current Reality 

You fully face what’s going on in your finances today, plus you: 

Uncover any and all money leaks (and close them too, of course), and 

Explore where you’re currently leaving money on the table (and create the necessary actions & habits to actually receive that money).

Lesson 2 – Uncover & Clear Your Money Blocks 

In this lesson, you: 

Uncover which beliefs, habits, actions and patterns are holding you back from making & keeping more money (and create new ones that support you in making & keeping more money); 

Uncover & heal any underlying issues that are the root cause of your money issues, so you not only open the flow to more money, but also to receive more goodness in your business and life in general!

Lesson 3 – Break Through Your Financial (Or Any!!) Ceiling 

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you have a financial ceiling: an upper limit of the amount of money you’re able to make, receive or keep. In this lesson you: 

Find out what your financial ceiling is right now; 

Identify how you sabotage yourself when it comes to money, and 

You learn how to STOP your self-sabotage, so you are free to receive more money. 

Lesson 4 – Your Personal Roadmap To More Money  

You get crystal clear on your most desired financial reality, and on what it takes for YOU to actually manifest that. 

The steps YOU have to take to make more money are NOT the same as someone else’s! We each have our own unique recipe to transform our financial situation. 

In this lesson, you uncover YOUR personal roadmap to more money. And translate this to practical steps and actions you can start implementing immediately!

Lesson 5 – Money Attraction  

This lesson gives you several tools, tips, and techniques to attract more money – both practical and energetic. 

They’re easy to implement and fun to play with! 

You DON’T have to work harder to make more money. On the contrary!! It can be so much easier than you think. This lesson shows you how! 

As a result of implementing what you learn in this program, your money issues will be healed. 

You’re liberated from financial stress & strain, so you feel free, at peace, and secure about money. 

You open up the flow, so you attract more money and ALSO open the door to more creativity, joy, happiness and love. 

(When one area of your flow is blocked, ALL areas of your flow are blocked. When you unblock the money flow, EVERYTHING flows with more ease.) 

You feel better about yourself. 

You can finally afford the things you couldn’t pay for before. 

And whenever a new financial leap or challenge comes along again (which may happen when you’re about to spend a large sum of money OR when you grow to a next income level), you’ll know what to do: 

You can take yourself through the same steps this program offers every single time. 

I got great results from being coached by Brigitte very quickly after we started working together: I doubled my income within a month. And I gained so much confidence that I really can get where I want to be as a result of being fully aligned with who I am and what I want!” 

Maartje Koper, Money Mindset & Law of Attraction coach, and 

Here’s how the program works: 

When you sign up, you get immediate access to the lessons, so you can get started right away! 

You can download the lessons to your computer, and work through them at your convenience. 

You ALSO receive these 2 incredible bonuses! 

Masterclass Your Ideal Price (value: 127 Euros) 

Never struggle with your pricing and what to charge ever again! 

Learn exactly how to determine the best price for your product, program or service; how to know when it’s time to raise your prices.

And receive a fantastic exercise you can use over and over again, that shows you what the BEST price for YOU is.

Masterclass How To Make More Money Without Focusing On Money (value 127 Euros) 

Some people love setting money goals, and others don’t. Creating a great relationship with money and healing your money blocks doesn’t necessarily mean that money goals become a driving factor in the growth of your business. 

If it does, great! If not, no worries: this masterclass teaches you exactly how to keep expanding without focusing on money.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

I am absolutely certain that this program is worth every Euro of your investment and every minute of your time. 

When you’re all in and implement what you learn, your business and you will benefit greatly. 

To make your decision to sign up even easier, though, I promise you this too: 

If you listened to all the lessons, did all the exercises, made all the homework, and this program still didn't bring you what you need, I will happily refund you the money you paid. 

However, you will be required to turn in all of your homework, notes and exercises to me within 60 days of purchasing the program. 

Click this button and choose between:

Option one (best deal): 

Pay in full at €297,= (approximately $364 US dollars)

21% VAT for those in The Netherlands not included. Prices in dollars may vary, depending on the current exchange rate.  

Rest assured: this payment is safe and easy because it is processed through secured servers. 

Option two: 

Pay 5 easy monthly payments €65,= each (approximately $79 US dollars) 

21% VAT for those in The Netherlands not included. Prices in dollars may vary, depending on the current exchange rate.  

Rest assured: this payment is safe and easy because it is processed through secured servers. 

To recap: 

Here’s everything you receive when you sign up for this program: 

  • 5 lessons (audios plus PDF handouts, worksheets and checklists) 
  • Access to a closed Facebook group to ask me all your questions until January 1, 2018.
  • Bonus: masterclass Your Ideal Price (127 Euro value)  
  • Bonus: masterclass How to Make More Money Without Focusing On Money (127 Euro value) 

“Brigitte has a real & rare talent to get to the core of your issues super fast. She just KNOWS what’s important to focus on and bring to light – including things that are hidden deep under the surface, and you’re not even consciously aware of yourself yet. If you’re looking for an exceptional coach who helps you grow your soul-based business, in 100% alignment with your calling, personality, and your own way of doing things: go to Brigitte! “ 

Karin Bosveld, Spiritual teacher & life coach, author,

About Brigitte van Tuijl  

I’m a writer and master coach for women entrepreneurs. I show you how to make a big difference in the world without selling yourself short or changing who you are.

In the past two decades I’ve helped thousands of women get clear on their true dream and make it real. My clients have launched businesses globally, published their first books, doubled their incomes, and realized their most important goals and desires.

My first book, Ontdek Wat Je Echt Wilt - En Maak Daar (Je) Werk Van, has sold thousands of copies. My second book Unmute Your Life – break free from fear & go for what you REALLY want, is the first of my ‘The Art of Divine Selfishness’ series and was published in July 2020. In 2021, I publish my next 4 books.

“Brigitte is not just a coach, she is not even just a very good coach… She is an awesome coach who has the unparalleled quality of creating breakthrough after breakthrough.

I don’t know any other coach who can do that so fast and hitting the mark every single time.”

Lianne Ebbinkhuijsen, Mentor to experts that wish to build an inspired big business,

Legal Disclaimer 

Every effort has been made to accurately represent this program and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. The more you put into this program in terms of listening to the lessons and implementing the action steps, the more you will get out of it.