Let’s face it: most people worry about money sometimes.  

That’s probably true for you as well.  

Maybe your stress is pretty mild and manageable:

You sometimes wonder if you’ll be able to pay your bills next month. If you’ll lose the money you currently have. If the money will continue to come a year (or a couple of months) from now. Or how you’ll ever be able to make more money without working harder than you already do.  

Maybe your stress borders on anxiety and keeps you up at night. Wondering if you’ll ever get this money-thing handled. And if worrying about money will ever go away for good. And maybe your money stress comes in waves: There are times when money flows in and you don’t even think about it. And then....there are times when it seems to stop flowing. Or big and unexpected expenses show up. And you find yourself feeling bad and worried again.  

The truth is this: money stress has NOTHING to do with money. Yes, it’s true: having money feels more relaxed than NOT having it. You need actual cash in the bank to pay your bills. And more money definitely takes away the stress of wondering how to get your finances sorted. 

BUT...the actual ROOT of money stress has NOTHING to do with money. And the SOLUTION to healing it.....has nothing to do with money either. 

You can be completely broke and never worry about money.  

And you can be a billionaire and still feel insecure and unsafe about your financial future or stability. 

Maybe you’ve already experienced this yourself as well. How you’ve been worried about money, even when your savings account was loaded and you had a ton of money coming in. Or how you signed up for a program or coach your bank account seemed to disagree with – but you just knew the money would show up somehow.  

Another truth about money is this: the less you worry about it, the easier it flows to you.

And the more you worry about it, the harder it becomes to receive more money.  

Which only adds to your stress. Which makes you feel worse in general. And makes it even harder still to find solutions or ways to deal with your finances.  

It IS possible to heal your money stress though – regardless of how little or how much money you currently possess!  

We, Maartje & Brigitte, both went through our own journey with money.  

We both learned how to shift out of scarcity and into feeling abundant, regardless of what our outer circumstances looked like.  

We’ve been teaching others how to do this for years.


And in Heal Your Money Stress we combine our experience, mastery & skills to teach YOU how to heal your money stress and shift into a state of abundance, too!

“One of the things I love about Maartje is her authenticity. You get to see it all: her successes, but also her challenges and growth. I am really attracted to that vulnerability because it invites me also to be completely myself. She literally invites me to connect to my feeling and who I really am, and I need that to grow.  

I experience Maartje as someone who is driven, enthusiastic and sincere. I really feel her drive to help other people to grow, by being themselves.”  

- Cissy 

“Brigitte’s healing energy helps clear any issues you have from the moment you start working with her – it happens automatically when you connect with her (and her energy) during the calls. She always knows exactly what needs to be done or addressed so you can move forward in your business.”  

- Margaretha Schokker, volgjehartspecialist . nl 

Here’s everything you need to heal your money stress – and exactly what you learn in this program:  

The root cause of ALL your money stress  

Understanding where money stress originates from is a big part of healing it.  

Once you truly GET this, you already hold the first key to your healing. 

Receive the blessing of your money stress Yeah, that may sound like a bridge too far right now. But put your resistance aside for a moment and imagine how COOL it would be if your money stress could actually CONTRIBUTE to your well-being! Even if you can’t or won’t see it yet: there’s always a lesson. And there’s always a gift. Learn the lesson and receive the gift, and you don’t have to work to let your money stress go – it will leave YOU. We show you how to find, receive and implement your lesson and your gift so your money worries can let go of you!  

The true nature of money – and where it REALLY comes from. Yes, money is an instrument that helps you buy and sell things. And yes, it comes to you through your clients or gifts or who knows, winning the lottery one day. But your clients, the lottery, or even your business are not the SOURCE of your money. And at its core, money is not a dollar bill or a number on your bank account. Even if you already KNOW this – as you may very well do, if you’re familiar with our work and/or read (spiritual) books on money and abundance – this doesn’t necessarily mean you already LIVE IN ALIGNMENT WITH THAT KNOWLEDGE. Knowing something is one thing. LIVING accordingly is a whole ‘nother ballgame. We’ll not only show you the true source of money – we also show you how to act on and live from that knowing, too. So you can integrate it in your life and get more and more skilled in receiving more and more money!  

What it means to live in a state of abundance – and how to tap into it at will. This is the ultimate solution to never stress about money again: To live in a state of abundance. But what exactly does that mean? And how do you DO that? That’s what you’ll learn in this module.  

How to attract more money Of course we’ll teach you this, too! No, you don’t have to work harder or do more in order to make more money. And no, you don’t have to launch more programs or launch more often (or at all!). Because it’s not your actions that determine how much money you can receive. In this module, you’ll learn how money attraction works exactly – and how you can start practicing that straight away.  

How to set money goals that come straight from your SOUL  

Some people get super excited about setting big bold money goals.  

It fires them up!  

It feels good and motivates the shit out of them.  

But some people...aren’t motivated by money AT ALL.  

This is true for both of us, Maartje & Brigitte.  

And this is true for 99.9% of our clients.  

So what do you do when money goals don’t motivate you?  

Not set any money goals at all?  

That doesn’t work either, because usually, NOT setting money goals comes from resisting the topic of money all together.  

But when you avoid money......money avoids you, too!  

There is a better way to deal with this:  

To merge money and soul.  

You’ll learn exactly how to do that in this module. 

How to build & shape your business in a way that attracts more money to you.  

Here’s what they usually teach you in regular business building programs: to build your business like a pyramid.  

That looks something like this: 

You start with a free gift. That gets people on your list.  

Once they signed up for your free thing, they can buy a low(er) priced thing next.  

After that, you have a high(er) priced thing people can move on to after that.  

And at the top of your pyramid, you have your Most Expensive High End thing.  

(There are many other business models besides this one, but this is the one most commonly taught in business building programs.)  

This is NOT the way to build a business that easily attracts money, though! 

How it DOES work?  

Is what you’ll learn in this module.  

Once you know how to build your business from your SOUL, money can flow to you with much more ease!

  The replays of all 7 modules are instantly available for you now!  

“10,000 dollars revenue per month? That felt so FAR away for me… Until Maartje Koper entered my life… with a calculator in my hand, I am now discovering that this money goal is now REALLY close… because I am the owner of my own abundance. I am soooo happy!!!”  

“Brigitte’s coaching made all the difference. She’s an incredibly powerful and intuitive coach. She gets to the core very fast, and knows exactly what you need to move forward and create lasting change.

My business is still very successful. And I am happier, more fulfilled and vibrant than I’ve been in a long, long time.”  

- Anne-Else Højberg, mensenlatenschitteren . nl  


Some of the results you can get when you go through this program (and practice with the things you learn!):

  • You feel relaxed about money now – you’re not worried about it anymore. (And if money worries hit you again at some point – which can still happen sometimes! – you’ll know exactly how to get yourself out of it quickly.) 
  • You know how to tap into abundance at will (and by practicing the principles we teach, you’ll be able to live in a constant state of abundance over time); 
  • You know how to attract more money – and can put those principles at work for you daily! 
  • You know how to build your business in a way that is A) perfectly aligned with your soul, and B) helps you attract more money with less effort! 
  • You experience more freedom & relaxation in general; 
  • Money can flow to you more abundantly (and with more ease!) than ever before; 
  • You’ve healed MORE than your money stress alone: whatever was blocking your money flow, was blocking you in OTHER areas of your business & life too! This means you’ll experience more flow & growth in general now; 
  • If you hit a money ceiling before? You’re now free to break through it; 
  • And you never have to strain or drain yourself to make more money ever again!


Here’s what happens when you sign up:

You get instant access to:

* The replays of all 7 Money Modules;

* The replays of 3 Q&A calls;

* And the 2 bonuses below!

You also receive these two bonuses: 

#1 Rewrite Your Money Script 

A PDF filled with powerful questions that help you uncover the money script that is currently (subconsciously) limiting your results, and replace it with a new script that helps you attract & receive more money (and abundance in general!).

#2 15 Ways to Make More Money Right Now

A PDF with 15 practical ideas you can use to make money quickly!

“Brigitte’s money lessons helped me clear my money blocks and regain my focus. Money is no longer an enemy and an energy drain.  

I now see it as a tool that helps me fulfill my mission. I’m also crystal clear on the steps I have to take to do that AND significantly grow my income. Something I no longer fear and actually look forward to now! 

Things flow again. I love it!"

- Else Boutkan, wavesofchange . nl  

“What working with Maartje has brought me: I have fallen in love with money, ha-ha! I used to literally hate money. But now I see that I am truly worthy of receiving money and am capable of allowing it in, of being that creator that can receive money for the services I am offering in the area of spirituality. All is in flow!!! I am meeting all kinds of special people, and I am ready for the next level.”  

To recap: this is everything you get in this program:

  • The recordings of 7 valuable money modules; 
  • The recording of a Money Blocks & Money Clearing audio; 
  • The recordings of 3 Q&A calls;
  • Bonus 1: Rewrite Your Money Script 
  • Bonus 2: 15 Ways to Make More Money Right Now

I’m ready to heal my money stress and learn how to tap into abundance: I’m in!

Click this button and choose between either:

Full pay (best deal!): 497 Euros* (approximately 558 USD, depending on the current exchange rate)

Payment plan: 4 monthly payments of 147 Euros each* (approximately 165 USD, depending on the current exchange rate)

*21% VAT for those in The Netherlands not included. 

Are you from another EU country? So IN the EU but OUTSIDE of The Netherlands? Fill in your EU VAT number on the order form (in between your state/region and your phone number), and you won’t be charged any VAT.  

And rest assured: your payment is processed on secure servers.

This program is downloaded & delivered by Maartje Koper & Brigitte van Tuijl. Here’s a little peek into our own journey with money – and why we’re the perfect people to deliver the program Heal Your Money Stress:  

About Maartje Koper 

I had deep rooted money blocks my whole life. 

Although I never thought of it that way. I just always thought I didn’t have enough money. Now I know it had NOTHING to do with not having enough money. But it had EVERYTHING to do with my relationship with money.  

In 2014, I quit my job in employment to REALLY start creating my dream life and my dream business, and only then did I find out how many blocks I really had in place around money, visibility, marketing and business. 

It was SO clear to me then that I had stayed stuck in jobs that made me unhappy, for the wrong reasons. And it was then that I also figured out what is needed to earn money with your passion.  

It is SO deeply rooted in our system that money is difficult and can only come in by working hard and by suffering. But with all I had learned by studying the Law of Attraction, I was able to break through every money block that crossed my path, again and again. I still am doing that today, because every time we take a leap in income, new blocks rise to the surface. But healing those blocks gets easier and easier, because it always works the same way, no matter what the amount is you make.  

The knowledge of how money really works helped me to make twice as much as I had ever done in my job in employment in only 15 months. And after 3 years I was earning over 50,000 dollars per month and that still felt as just the beginning of what is possible.  

You will always hear me say the same thing: it’s not about the money, it’s about money being a powerful transformation tool that challenges you to claim your full space, and that challenges you to always grow to the next level.  

And I would LOVE to help you transform your relationship with money in this program!  

“I got to know Maartje as someone who is sparkling and energetic. Just be being herself, she transfers this vibe onto other people. She inspires to create your life and business in a way that feels 100% aligned.  

What I find important in a coach is that someone LIVES their message and not only “sells” it and I really feel that wit Maartje. And that makes her coaching really valuable AND effective.  

I absolutely advice people to follow her programs to experience what they can achieve with Maartje’s coaching.” 

- Monique Hautvast  

About Brigitte van Tuijl  

Money caused me more stress in my business than anything else – and I worried about tons of things over the years!  

I thought I had it sorted several times, but every time the stress came back:  

Not being able to pay my bills. Borrowing money to make ends meet. Lying awake at night, wondering if I’d ever get rid of this shit.  

Until I learned to relax and surrender my stress.  

Learned what the true source of money is, and how to tap into that. And I learned how to shift my energy to attract money – working harder was not necessary! 

Now, money doesn’t cause me stress anymore.  

Sometimes it worries me for a short time when I’m about to make an investment or a big bill shows up. But I easily shift myself out of it now. And the last time I woke up sweating from anxiety about money was many years ago.  

Since I solved my own issues with money, I’ve been teaching my own clients how to let go of stress and attract more money in my programs Success On Your Terms and Money Mindset Shift. And I coach my 1-1 clients on it.  

But this money stuff is not the only thing I bring to this program.  

You also benefit from my:  

• 16 years experience as an entrepreneur; • laser-sharp intuition; • healing, reading & channeling qualities; • amazing coaching skills – I’m a master coach with 18 years experience; • And of my wicked sense of humor & the occasional cursing ;-)  

“I heard a lot of good things about Brigitte.  

Some even call her the best coach of The Netherlands 🙂  

That sounded so good that I decided to take the leap to hire her. And I’m happy I did!  

Brigitte restructured my business so I can serve more people in a way that fits me.  

We also uncovered what was stopping me. And I learned how to deal with it so it’s not holding me back anymore.  

I will always remember what Brigitte taught me about manifesting your desires in real and practical ways. That’s a skill that will serve me for the rest of my life!”  

- Marloes Bouwmeester, desuccesvolleintrovert . nl