You want to make a difference. That’s a given. 

In fact, that’s one of the main reasons you started your business.  

Plus, making money, of course.  

And let’s not forget about freedom!  

The freedom to do what you want, when you want it, how you want it.  

To work with people you love, do work that matters, and still have plenty of time for yourself, your family and your friends.  

The freedom to express yourself fully.  

The freedom to be YOU.  

You want all of the above.  

More of it than you currently have, even.  


You don’t want to work yourself into the ground to get it.  

You’re not willing to sacrifice yourself or anything you care about.  

You don’t want to lose your freedom, your inner peace, or your joy.  

You don’t want to change who you are.  

You don’t want to compromise on what you believe in.  

And you don’t want to do things you hate.

Is that possible? You doubt it.

You must keep your clients happy and deliver great work.  

You have many obligations and to-do’s in your business and personal life.  

There are so many things you think you should do that sometimes, it drives you CRAZY.  

But that’s all part of the game.  

Or so you think.  

After all, everything comes at a price.  

If you want to HAVE more, and ACHIEVE more, you’ve got to DO more.  

You can’t just do as you please and expect to get paid for, well, being YOU and doing only what you love, right?  


In fact, the KEY to feel free, grow your business, add more value, AND feel happy & fulfilled is this:  

To be true to YOU in everything you do.  

To be ALL of who you are in EVERY area of your business & life;

To do EVERYTHING on your terms and your own way – regardless of what the business ‘gurus’ tell you.  

Regardless of what everyone around you is doing.  

And regardless of what you think is possible!

The ONLY way to grow your business, make a difference & make good money - AND feel totally happy & fulfilled by it all, is to be COMPLETELY true to YOU.

To get back to your soul.  

And to not only honor ALL of who you TRULY are, but to build your ENTIRE business & life around it – without watering down yourself, your message, your purpose or your dreams.  

That’s what being Divinely Selfish is all about:  

To put YOU first.  

So you can serve without suffering.  

And get results and make a difference as A RESULT of being FULLY you – not despite of it.  


How do I know this is true?

Because this is how I turned my business around.  

So many aspects of my personality and my soul purpose seemed to contradict each other, that it drove me crazy for years.  

Why was I a coach when human interaction drains me so quickly? (I’m a real hermit who needs to be alone around 90% of the time).  

How the hell did I end up with a mission to reach people globally when I hate travelling, and don’t want to leave the house too often?  

My seemingly weird combination of needs, desires, personality, and dreams taught me some very important lessons, though.  

It helped me get VERY clear on what I REALLY want, and what I need to be able to make a difference without compromising and draining myself.  

I’ve learned how to be completely free in my business, and run and grow my business in a way that is in TOTAL alignment with my purpose, passion and personality.  

I turned myself from a Crappy Hermit into a Happy Hermit, growing my business globally while NEVER making more than 4 appointments per week - for 3 weeks per month ONLY. 

Every 4th week is my Hermit Week: a completely appointment-free week!  

I learned that putting ME first in my business & life not only made me happier – it was GREAT for business, too!

You may not be a hermit like me. Your wishes, dreams, needs and personality may be totally different.  

But if I can grow my business without compromising any of my needs or dreams…than YOU can as well!  

I know, because over the past 16 years I’ve been teaching my clients how to be Divinely Selfish, too.

And even though all my clients had different personalities and businesses, here’s what they ALL had in common: 

  • They had dreams, wishes and desires for their business that they didn’t think were possible for them (and they managed to achieve them anyway); 
  • They thought they had to follow certain rules, steps or strategies to grow their business – they didn’t really like that, but had no clue how to do it differently (and they all learned to find their OWN way of doing business, on their OWN terms, that made them MUCH happier and got them waaayyyy better results)
  • And they experienced that the more they put themselves first, and were true to who they REALLY are – the better they felt, and the easier it was to manifest their goals, grow their business and attract new clients.

YOU can learn how to do this, too. Which will make you happier, help your business thrive, AND help you serve your clients even better. Because when you give yourself what you need FIRST, you are free to give the BEST of yourself NEXT.

“I used to think I needed to follow a strict set of rules and take specific actions to run my business. 

I now know that’s not true at all.  

I’ve learned that the happier I am with the way I do business, the more my clients benefit as well.”  

Suzanne Meijles, 

“I wasn’t happy: I followed the rules and what I thought I ‘should’ be doing, but somehow wasn’t able to do business in MY own way.  

Brigitte taught me how to use and trust my intuition in my business, and this helped me get a lot more done with a lot less effort.  

Now I have the courage to do things MY way instead of using the same standard format most entrepreneurs follow.  

I found my strength, and get better results, too!”  

Alexandra Hilbers, 

“I was looking for someone to help me throw out all rules and conventions, so I could find my OWN way of doing business. 

I didn’t want to compare myself to others anymore, but focus on what I wanted instead.  

Without compromising.  

Brigitte helped me find my own path, and how to follow it.  

I’ve stopped doing what I no longer want and what no longer fits me.  

As a result, I work with much more ease, I’m doing what I love, and I have accomplished my dream of experiencing freedom in my business and life!”  

Nicole Offenberg, 

Do you want to feel free, be FULLY yourself and grow your business AND serve more clients as a result of being YOU - and making your own needs & desires a priority?  

Yes, I do, Brigitte – count me in!

Being a part of this community will support you to: 

  • Feel free to be YOU and fully express yourself;  
  • Reach your (business) goals in your own way, on your own terms (screw how everyone else does it – if that doesn’t fit you, you get to do it in any which way YOU feel like!)  
  • Create your ideal business & life (whatever that looks like exactly for YOU);  
  • Stop settling for what you think you can get, and start aiming for what you TRULY want (and receive it, too!);  
  • Do what you love, how you love doing it most, with the people you love most;  
  • Stop shrinking yourself and embrace your FULL power & potential;  
  • Bring out what’s inside of you – without censoring yourself or changing who you are.

"I was working too hard.  

I lost touch with myself, and the things that made me happy.  

Working with Brigitte helped me reconnect with myself.  

I learned to let go of what no longer serves me, and to stop feeling responsible for everyone and everything around me.  

As a result, I’m able to deliver much more impact and value for my clients, and bring more change to the world.  

And I am happier, more fulfilled and vibrant than I’ve been in a long, long time.”

Anne-Else Højberg, 

"I signed up for one of Brigitte’s programs to learn how to stay true to myself in my business, and do it all on my terms.  

And she absolutely delivers what she promises: to create success as a result of doing business on your own terms.  

No one models and teaches that better than Brigitte."

-Carolien van den Akker, 

"Before I worked with Brigitte, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to make money with what I love doing most.  

I didn’t go for what I truly wanted.  

And often got distracted by how you’re ‘supposed’ to do business. Even though most of those ‘rules’ don’t work for me.  

Thanks to working with Brigitte, I now AM only doing what I most love to do: combining humor & transformation in workshops and other projects.  

And it’s paying off big time: I’m attracting more clients, and sent out 4 new proposals last week!"

-Marleen Bekker, 

What you get when you join the Divinely Selfish Community:

(Besides being in the company of like-minded women) 

Coming up: December 2019 & January 2020 

⭐An online workshop:

Prepare for an amazing 2020 - WITHOUT creating a business plan, setting goals, or ‘doing the numbers’!  

A workshop in December; a follow up Q&A Call in January; a Facebook group to ask all your questions; and replays of the workshop and the Q&A call. 

And the content? The exact how-to- grow your business and manifest your desires in YOUR way, based on intuition & soul.

⭐A master class on boundaries.  

Such an important topic. And there's SO much more to it than setting boundaries AND holding yourself (and others) to them. This master class teaches you all about it.

Plus the regular goodness you receive as listed below:

(and who knows what else I'll feel inspired to create for you...)

Monthly Divinely Selfish Q&A Calls

Calls where you can ask me all your questions and receive laser-coaching on doing business & life in your own way, on your own terms.  

Not sure what your best next step is? Ask and I’ll help you get clear.  

Need some extra support and inspiration to be true to YOU – regardless of what others do or will think of you? That’s what you get from EVERY call, regardless of whether you ask a question or not. 

You get access to one 1-hour Q&A call per month. All calls are recorded if you can’t be there live.  

Divinely Selfish Master Classes 

On all kinds of topics directly related to putting YOU first – so you can help others & grow your business without wearing yourself out. 

Topics like for example: 

  • Saying NO (to make space for your soul’s deepest desires and what you TRULY want);  
  • Boundaries (that help create more time & space for YOU and the things that truly matter to you);  
  • Getting clear on your most ideal lifestyle & workweek (so you can build your entire business (model) around it);  
  • Letting go of fears & doubts around what other people think of you, expect from you, want to see from you - no more people pleasing at your own expense!  
  • And numerous other topics that help you express and be yourself fully & unapologetically in your business & life.  

You receive 6 master classes per year.  

Maaaaaybe more.  

But only if I feel like it.

Divine Selfishness in action, baby:  

When I put ME first and deliver this program EXACTLY how I LOVE to deliver it, YOU automatically get the best of me. 

A win-win for both of us! :-)  

All the upcoming books in the ‘Art of Divine Selfishness’ book-series – you get your hands on them FIRST!

I’m currently working on book one:

Unmute Your Life - break fee from fear & go for what you REALLY want!

The second one is all about Divine Selfishness in action: the mindset, beingness & energy you need to put yourself first – plus practical tips & tools to do that in your business & life.  

For now, I know there will be 4 books in this series for sure.  

In addition to being the very FIRST to receive every book before it’s released to the public, you also:  

  • Receive additional master classes with each book;  
  • Can ask any and all questions you have about the content of each book;  
  • Get behind the scenes peeks of the writing and publishing of the book: the process, what’s working; and yes, also what’s NOT working :-)

A closed Facebook group

Mix & mingle with like-minded women. Or just hang out in the background and absorb the inspiration whenever you like. It’s your call!  

It’s a promotion free, safe space where you can ask questions and get inspiration that help you be true to YOU, and do business & life in your own way, on your own terms.

I’ll also be doing spontaneous Facebook lives AND share additional inspiration here.  

My online program – No Goals, No Plans, No Soul-Sucking Strategies - build your business organically, intuitively & 100% YOUR way! 

(A 197 Euro value.) 

Learn EXACTLY how to find your very own way to grow your business – so you can throw out all the rules & shoulds you think you must follow, and carve your own path instead.

“I was in my head too much and didn’t share the full depth of my message. Brigitte helped me shift this. 

She showed me how to love myself more, to feel that I’m worthy just because I am. And that I’m worthy to manifest my dreams. 

I now choose to only do the things I truly want to do – I no longer adjust myself to others or the market.  

I am more determined than ever before to be happy, and said goodbye to changing who I truly am permanently!"

Gonneke van Dorst, 

“I lost touch with my drive, my passion, fun, and myself.  

Working with Brigitte helped me reconnect to everything that really matters to me.  

I feel inspired and in the flow again. I learned how to do business in MY own way, the Else-way.  

Brigitte has been a great coach and role model for me.  

She’s deeply driven to make a difference, but never at her own expense. She models how to take care of clients AND herself like no one I know. 

And she’s is 100% committed to helping you be the best you can be, on your own terms, in a way that’s best for you."

Else Boutkan,  

Yes, I do, Brigitte – count me in!

Here’s what happens when you sign up:

You get instant access to:  

  • The bonus program ‘No Goals, no plans’; 
  • All content that’s already created; 
  • The closed Facebook group; 

Throughout the year, you’ll receive: 

  • Access to one live monthly group Q&A cal& per month; 
  • Recordings of those calls; 
  • A minimum of 6 masterclasses (maybe more, 6 for sure); 
  • Book 1 BEFORE everyone else gets access to it (end of 2019/early 2020) 
  • Book 2 BEFORE everyone else gets access to it (summer/autumn 2020) 
  • Sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes of (the process of) writing and publishing of the books.  

You join for one year.  

At the end of that year, you automatically renew for another year.  

Or, if you don’t want that, you can easily cancel upfront.  

No hoops to jump through or mountains to move.  

Yes, I'm ready to be Divinely Selfish, and I am IN for a whole year!  

I sign up for one year and I choose to:  

Pay in Full (Best Deal!)
One payment of 397 Euros*
(appr. 450 US dollars)

Rest assured. Your payment is processed on a secure server. * 21% VAT for participants in The Netherlands not included. Prices in dollars may vary, depending on the current exchange rate.)

“Do you sometimes wonder why all your knowledge on marketing still doesn’t work for you?  

I did. And now I know why: I needed to implement it in my own way.  

That’s exactly what Brigitte taught me: to create success in my own way, on my own terms.  

By being true to myself.  

And it works!! I’m already experiencing my first real breakthrough with my brand new online program: 13 people signed up for it within two weeks!”  

Karla Mooy, 

“My schedule was incredibly full, and I lost my sense of freedom which made me feel restless.  

Thanks to Brigitte’s, I created my ideal business that is a perfect match for me: I changed my business model, uncovered how I most love to work (and created a schedule to support that); chose to work with my ideal clients only AND made significantly more money.  

I created rest in my schedule and my mind, and it feels great!”  

Sabine van Meenen, 

Yes, I do, Brigitte – count me in!

Here are the answers to some questions you may have:

What happens when the year is over? Your subscription will be automatically renewed for another year. If you don’t want that, no worries: you can easily cancel upfront.  

What if I want to cancel, how does that work? You can easily cancel from within your account. Or send an email to my team, and they’ll take care of it for you. Easy peasy!  

Do you have a refund policy? Nope. No refunds. You get instant access to a 197 Euro value bonus that’s yours to keep, PLUS all other current content.  

Have another question that’s not answered here? Just send an email to: team [at] and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Why join now?

* Because you get instant access to all content available in the community (master classes / call recordings / and the complete program 'No Goals, No Plans, No Soul-sucking Strategies - grow your business organically, intuitively and 100% YOUR way);  

* instant access to a Facebook group with likeminded women;  

* access to upcoming Q&A calls where you can ask me all your Q's and receive laser coaching;  

* behind-the-scenes updates on my book(s) and business;  

* get a copy of my book(s) BEFORE anyone else can get their hands on it;  

* and much more.  


But most of all? 

By joining the community, you make a commitment to YOURSELF:  

That it's time to put YOU first.  

That you're no longer available for anyone else's bullshit.  

That from now on, you're here to live YOUR live, YOUR dreams, in YOUR way - instead of constantly trying to please everyone else around you.  

  Sure, you still care about others. You're still there for your clients and loved ones.  

But NO LONGER at your own expense.  

You're choosing YOU now.  

And as a result of putting you first and live from your soul?  

You make an even bigger difference.  

And your business & life make you happier and fulfill you more than ever before.  

YES, I’m committed to myself and I am IN!!!  

About Brigitte van Tuijl  

I’m a writer and a purpose & breakthrough master, teaching you how to fully express your soul and be completely true to yourself in every area of your business & life.  

I work with women entrepreneurs and help you do business & life YOUR way, without compromising, sacrificing or changing who you are.  

I have 16 years experience as an entrepreneur, and well over 18 years experience as a (business) coach.  

I'm a thoroughly trained master coach; highly intuitive & a powerful energy worker.  

Plus: I'm a published author of the Dutch book "Ontdek Wat Je Echt Wilt - En Maak Daar (Je) Werk Van.  

Currently working on my upcoming book series:  

 "The Art of Divine Selfishness - how to transform your life, your business & the world by putting yourself first."  

And finally: I LOVE people - in moderation ;-)  

That's why I limit appointments to an ABSOLUTE maximum of 4 per week.  

Having loads of alone time keeps me happy and prevents me from turning into a raging lunatic ;-) 

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent this program and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. The more you put into this program in terms of listening to the master classes, implementing the action steps, asking your questions in the Facebook group and/or in the group coaching calls, the more you’ll get out of it.