Don’t you sometimes wish your business would magically grow?

But you’re a realist: you know that can’t happen.

Growth takes hard work.

And if you want more or better results, you have to take more action.  



If the only instruments you use are your rational mind and your ability to push and force yourself, then yes.  

But when you use your intuition and energy to grow your business? And let your soul take the lead instead of your head? Magic happens! There’s so much magic available to you. You have access to it 24/7. And you’re immensely under-using it (IF you’re using it at all!). What you need is to turn on your super powers AND consciously use them: Your intuition. And your ability to work with energy. (Yes, you have that ability inside you already! Whether you ever took any formal training on this or not.)  

When you put these powers to work for you, magic happens! It changes EVERYTHING: How you feel. What you do. How you do it. The results you get. And how much easier everything falls into place ... if you learn to LET it.  

When you consciously use your intuition and work with energy... 

You gain the magic and unlimited powers of the entire UNIVERSE. 

It ALL conspires on your behalf now.  

As it always does anyway – you’re just not consciously leveraging it yet.  

But when you do?  

Opportunities, synchronicities and miracles show up, out of the blue.  

Things fall into place in ways you could never have imagined yourself.  

Things unfold with so much more ease than you ever thought possible.

When you consciously use your intuition and energy to grow your business, MAGIC happens!

And right now, you’re not doing that at all.  

Or not nearly enough!  


Because you:

  • Don’t know if you can always trust your intuition (How can you tell when it’s fear speaking? Or when it’s truly the wisdom of your soul?!)  
  • Don’t think your intuition knows much about business. Can it help you in your work with clients? Sure. Tell you if you can trust someone? That too. But when it comes to money? Marketing? Growing your business in real and practical ways? Nah. You don’t believe it can help you there.  
  • Don’t know how to CONSCIOUSLY work with your intuition. You can’t just call it in whenever you like, right? It’s more of an inner knowing that’s sometimes there, and sometimes .... isn’t.  
  • Have no idea how to use energy to grow your business – how in the world does that work?! (And is that even possible if you’ve never learned reiki or any other energy modality?)  
  • Or maybe you simply forget to apply what you already know.  

That’s where Business Magic comes in.

In it, you learn all about using your intuition & energy for your business in easy, fun ways – and practice what you learn with my guidance & support for 4 weeks!

About 7 years ago, I developed the first version of this program.  

It started as a request from a private client who asked me to teach her how to grow her business with more ease.  

She saw how I used my intuition to grow my business, and how much ease and flow that brought me.

She wanted to learn that, too!  

So I taught her.  

And created 2 programs based on the principles I took her through:  

The basic program Business Magic, that was all about working with your intuition and co-creating with the universe.  

And Business Magic Mastery, the follow - up program that took the principles a step further and added more ‘out-there’ tools & tips. 

Now, 7 years later, one thing has changed – and one thing hasn’t.  

What hasn’t changed is how important it is for you to use your intuition to grow your business.


Because you want to grow your business in your own way.  

You want to be true to yourself and you don’t want to follow business building formulas that don’t feel good to you.

And if there’s a more effortless way to get things done, you’ll take it! 

But you’re not always sure what your way LOOKS like.  

And if you’re not sure if you can trust it.  

Can you REALLY do things differently than your business coach or your friends tell you?  

Will that REALLY work?  

These are the questions ALL my clients encounter.

My answer is ALWAYS the same:

Yes, you CAN trust yourself.

You always know what’s right for you. You carry the answer inside you already.  

The only thing you need is this:

To learn how to listen to your intuition.  

To have the courage to trust AND act on it.  

And learn how to consciously use your intuition every day, every step of the way, in EVERYTHING you do in your business.

What you learn in Business Magic is exactly what you need to access your own truth, carve your own path, do your own thing, and build your business YOUR way, based on who you truly are.

The thing that HAS changed is this:  

I know WAY more about working with energy now.  

My intuitive, psychic, energetic and spiritual gifts grew and expanded.  

I deepened my channeling practice and I now use SUPER simple, practical ways to work with energy to grow my business – that I’m ready to teach YOU now, too.  

“Brigitte taught me how to work with my intuition and co-create with the universe in very practical ways.  

My intuition is much stronger now, and I’m able to consciously use it in my business.  

As a result I experience more flow and am much more focused. I’m no longer scattering my attention and energy, and I’m proactively growing my business.  

I use my intuition for everything in my business now, and it helps me make much better choices and strategical decisions. It helps me decide which programs to invest in (or not); how to launch my products & book, and which activities to focus on first.  

Brigitte helped me understand and work with my intuition, and opened up a new world of possibilities for me.  

I learned to develop my own magic, and never doubt if I’m on the right track anymore.”  

Ellen de Lange – Ros, faxion . nl  


“I loved this program! It’s filled with little golden nuggets. 

And I loved the variation in how the content was delivered (PDF’s, audios, visualizations.)  

I learned that my intuition truly is MAGIC. I can connect much quicker to it now. And I feel I reached a deeper level of trust within me.  

This program brings you all the know-how, spiritual & practical tools you need to work with your intuition and energy. 

It creates business and life magic.  

And you can feel Brigitte's loving & healing energy throughout the course.”  

Monica Job, monicajob . nl  

That’s why it’s time to deliver this brand new program Business Magic to you!

And this program is exactly what you need if you recognize any of this:

  • Your to-do list is always long and often overwhelms you – where do you start? What’s the BEST thing to focus on now? (And sometimes you feel there is so much to do, it can totally paralyze you…) 

woman thinking
  • You sometimes find it difficult to make decisions– there’s so much information out there, it can be hard to choose what’s best for YOU;  

  • You have so many ideas that you don’t know which one to focus on first (and as a result, most of your ideas just slip away from you);  

  • You feel you have to work hard for your results, which makes it difficult to relax or enjoy your business. 



Here’s some of what you will learn:

The powerful foundation to consciously work with your intuition.

So you can use it whenever you like, for whatever your like.  

You don’t have to wait for it to show up– you can now tap into your intuition whenever you like.  

And get clear and actionable answers, too!

How to know if it’s your intuition talking – or your fears, doubts, habits and limited thoughts. 

That’s not always clear to you.  

You’ll learn how to know the difference. 

And how to learn to trust your intuition more and more.

Practical ways to use your intuition:

  • Daily, in general;
  • Specifically, for creating programs, sales, your marketing and how to grow your business to its next level.  

Easy ways to work with energy in general.

You don’t need any formal reiki training or any other energy modality to be able to work with energy. You have that ability already!  

You learn how to open up to let the energy flow to you and through you.  

And how to direct it to whatever you choose.  

Easy ways to use energy to grow your business; connect to your ideal clients; and add extra oomph to your marketing & sales.

There are many ways you can use energy to grow your business.  

You learn exactly how I work with energy in easy and practical ways, so you can do that, too! 

How to connect and communicate with your spiritual team.

Yep, you have a spiritual team, too.  

They support you always and you can call on them 24/7.  

You’ll learn easy ways to communicate with your own spiritual team. 

All content is delivered in 7 short & sweet audio modules.

 You can listen to them whenever it suits you and as often as you like.  

Here's the topic of each module: 

Module #1: How to connect, listen to, and act on your intuition. 

Module #2: Grounding & centering: what it is and why you should do it. 

Module #3: How to use your intuition in your business. 

Module #4: Is it your fear or your intuition speaking? 

Module #5: Feel your way to your best decision. 

Module #6: 3 main ways to work with energy - part 1. 

Module #7: 3 main ways to work with energy - part 2. 

You also receive the following bonuses:

Energy Flow Activation & Healing

An audio that opens you up to let more energy flow to you & through you.  

So you can use that energy and put it to work for yourself, others, and your business.  

Open up to your intuition.  

A healing audio that helps you open up to and communicate with your intuition with more ease.

Connect & communicate with your spiritual team.  

A visualization that helps you connect and communicate with your spiritual team.

The results you can get when you implement what you learn and practice with it?


  • feel calm, relaxed and at peace, because you always know what to do, when to do it & how to do it;  
  • always know and trust what’s right for you, so you make the best choices in every aspect of your business;  
  • feel inspired and in the flow most of the time, so you get shit done without feeling stressed or overworked;  
  • have a strong inner compass that always shows you YOUR way (so you don’t get off track or lose yourself in the process of running your business).  
  • make much better choices and business decisions.  
  • work less hard – with much better results!  

You save tons of time & energy (which equals money in your business….) and feel much more relaxed and at peace!

Here's what happens when you sign up:

Within minutes after your purchase is completed, you get instant access to:

All 7 modules.

The replays of 2 Q&A calls.

And your 3 bonuses.

You find all materials in one easy to access place and can dive into the program immediately! (And go through it your own pace, at your own time.)


“The Business Magic program feels really magical. It makes life and business so much easier and more fun. I am now experiencing the space I was so desperately looking for. No more working my ass off, but peacefully creating stuff with my inner guidance.” Elske Hoen, vitaalkunst . nl

“Brigitte taught me how to use my intuition and spirituality in my business in a very practical way. With you, there’s nothing airy-fairy or vague about it!” Marije van Duijne Strobosch, m-energie . nl

“Learning the steps of how to co-create with the Universe made a huge difference! I feel much more ease and flow now. Some days things unfold like magic, and I love it. Thanks to Brigitte’s program Business Magic I finally understand the steps and pitfalls of co-creating with the Universe, and I’m deeply grateful for it. If you’re on the fence if Business Magic is for you my recommendation is: Go get it!” Beate Schneeberg,schwerelos-coach . ch  

To recap: here’s everything you receive:

  • 7 sweet & short audio modules with the content and knowledge you need to use intuition & energy in your business;  
  • The replays of 2 Q&A calls;  
  • Bonus #1: Energy Flow Activation & Healing (audio)  
  • Bonus #2: Open up to your intuition (audio)  
  • Bonus #3: Connect & communicate with your spiritual team.  


Click this button and choose between either:

Full pay (best deal!): 297 Euros*  

Payment plan: 3 monthly payments of 111 Euros each*  

(approximately 360 USD, depending on the current exchange rate)

(approximately 135 USD, depending on the current exchange rate)

*21% VAT for those in The Netherlands not included. Are you from another EU country? So IN the EU but OUTSIDE of The Netherlands? Fill in your EU VAT number on the order form (in between your state/region and your phone number), and you won’t be charged any VAT. And rest assured: your payment is processed on secure servers.  

This program is created and delivered by Brigitte van Tuijl 

About Brigitte van Tuijl  

I’m a writer and master coach who works with women entrepreneurs to support them in growing their business without compromising, sacrificing or changing who you are.  

Over the years I learned to work with energy and intuition through several programs and modalities on changing your subconscious beliefs; channeling; working with the Akashic Records; and reiki I, II and III.  

In addition to that I read numerous of books on intuition; working with your guides; energy (healing) and all kinds of other woo-woo topics ;-) 

Since 2003 I’ve inspired and coached thousands of women just like you:  

Who want to make a difference and enough money by being you and doing what you love. Which is exactly what I want, too ;-) I’ve learned that the more I follow my intuition and am true to myself, the happier I am. The easier life and business are. AND I’ve learned that the more I live from my soul and follow its guidance, the more my business thrives, too! It makes ALL the difference in your business & lif& when your soul leads the way. When you follow your intuition and add working with energy to the mix, magic truly happens. That’s why I’m so passionate about this program and what it will bring you!  


“Brigitte has more spiritual charisma than any other coach I have ever encountered. It is a gift from her soul and she has embraced it fully.  

She’s a very powerful and intuitive healer, and always encourages you to be true to yourself and become more aware of who you really are.”  

Lyerka Miller  


“Business Magic is a spiritual and still practical program (like all Brigitte’s programs)  

It taught me some new and surprising tips. And playing with energy on a regular basis was very valuable!  

I learned to use my intuition more.  

This brought me more joy and more relaxing moments. And I learned to feel the energy and let it help me.  

Follow this program to make working with your intuition & en&rgy easier and more fun.  

And if you’re new to all this: follow it, too! This is a great way to learn all about it.”  

Else Boutkan, somethingelse . nl 


“My body reacts strongly to energy which used to scare me. During this program I learned to react differently to it, with ease and peace.  

That feels so much better than before! I now open up to this energy and let my body react to it. I no longer fear it. 

If you’re not used to working with energy, you should join Business Magic, too! Because it teaches you a clear and simple way to work with energy. And because of Brigitte’s energy. For me, that’s what makes this program the best.”  

Claire V.  


“Business Magic helped my scared, logical mind build its faith and trust in my Soul and Intuition.  

I now know I can trust my Soul and Intuition, and I see how they help me to soar to new heights beyond my wildest dreams. They can guide me better than anyone/anything outside of myself!  

I learned how to receive guidance from within myself. And I’m better at letting go of what I think should happen and how things should be.  

Brigitte helped me bring my Spirit, Essence and full Self to my business.  

This program is well worth every ounce of energy that you put into it!”  

Renee Ostertag, greentreemind . com 


“I loved that the modules were short and easy to consume. 

As a result of Business Magic, I’m more clear about what my intuition is saying. 

 And I have a strong desire to connect with my intuition and play with energy even more.  

If you’re looking for a program that helps you tune into your intuition more and learn how to leverage energy, this is a great program for you, too.” 

Jamie Goins, intentionalperspective . com